Bruce Bethke Cyberpunk


To kick off the relaunch of the Sofanauts podcast I interview a very special guest. In 1980 Bruce Bethke wrote a short story that would give a name to a whole new genre movement in science fiction and pull together writers like Bruce Sterling, William Gibson and John Shirley under one banner. That story was called Cyberpunk!

Mission Statement for The Sofanauts podcast:

At the end of May 2010, I came to the decision that I no longer wanted to run the Sofanauts podcast. Putting together a “science fiction news” show with three or four guests at any one time was way too much work for me. It had become a slog. I wanted to meet and talk to exciting people, but the longer the show went on, the more it was about making sure people were on time and sitting in front of their mics. That was not what I signed up for.
But the good news is that Sofanauts is back!
This time around, it will have slightly different format. The show will spotlight one guest at a time, and these guests will hail from all sides of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror fields, and even further beyond the scope of genre fiction itself. There are adventurers, scientists, thinkers, and other fascinating people with relevant stories to share. Like the tag line says: The World is Full of Interesting People. I intend to talk to some of them. I think you’ll want to listen. Please join me on the Sofa…

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Allen Steele

Join Tony C Smith as he talks to the 2011 Hugo winning author Allen Steele.