First Sofanaut Event With David Brin

One of the benefits of being a Sofanauts member is access to exclusive events. The first such event will be taking place on February 9, 2014 at 6:00 pm GMT, a live interview with David Brin, hosted by Amy H. Sturgis.

If you want to come along or would like your questions answered… then leave your questions/comments below. You must let me know below in the comments if you intend to come along on the day so I can book you into the webinar.

6 thoughts on “First Sofanaut Event With David Brin

  1. I’m planning on coming along Tony… with beer… and in case there is any room for doubt that is not me getting a round in… not this time.


  2. Count me in if there is still some places, mine’s a good strong cup of coffee if you’re putting a pot on

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