The Sofanauts No 3

Guests this week on the Sofanauts are:

SF writer, photographer, and web design, managing Editor for Escape Pod, creator of twitter @Future! Jeremy Tolbert Radical thoughs on improving the print magazine. Art work F&SF

Gord Sellar: freelance writer and editor for more than a decade.  Attended Clarion West 2006. Teacher over in South Korea. Up for the 2009 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.

Ray Sizemore, a tavern manager and karaoke host hailing from Norwalk, Ohio, has come to enjoy acting– generally “bad guys”; he played Jud Fry in “Oklahoma” last year, and plans to audition for “Sweeney Todd oh… and voice for voice, pound for pound… one of the best narrators to hit the multipodsphere.

Topics discussed on this week’s show include:

Nebular Winners

Vernor Vinge predicts singularity by 2030 Boing

Heinlein’s 13th Scribner’s Novel « Auxiliary Memory

Can Computer Games Be Literature?

Locus award for best sf of 2008 — shortlist published