The Sofanauts No 27

Guests this week on the Sofanauts are:

Jeremy Tolbert

Jeff VanderMeer

Topics discussed this week:

BFS admits Lazy Sexism

Promote Literacy with Last Drink Bird Head for Charity

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America announced increased support for AboutSF

RIP: Barbara Bova

Listen and you’ll learn how you could win the soundtracks to Jeff VanderMeer’s Ambergris novels by Robert Devereux, The Church, and Murder by Death, as well as an advance copy of his novel Finch–and help support literacy. (The email address on the show is vanderworld at hotmail dot com).


Zombie Racoons and Killer Bunnys

David Anthony Durham’s The Other Lands

The Sofanauts No 25

Guests this week on the Sofanauts are:

Jeff VanderMeer

Jeremy Tolbert

Amy H Sturgis

Topics this week:

Matthew Sanborn Smith has started his podcast Beware the Hairy Mango.

I WILL Read Your F@#*ing Script…If You Leave Cookies and Milk

VIZ Media announces the release of Zoo and Usurper of the Sun,

Penguin Announces Launch 6of3 Website to Support Release of New Hitchhikers Novel — not Tor the publisher — debuts its first title as a separate publishing entity: Year’s Best Fantasy 9

Michael Cassutt explains why sci-fi writers are so damn gloomy.