The Sofanauts No 2

Guests this week on theĀ  Sofanauts are:

SF writer, photographer, and web designe, managing Editor for Escape Pod, creator of twitter @Future! Jeremy Tolbert

Web producer for specifically and Macmillan in general; printmaker; eBook-maker; science-fiction and Mac geek. Pablo Defendini

Paul Graham Raven is a freelance writer, editor, publicist and web-presence manager to busy independent creatives, and PR guy for PS Publishing, the UK’s foremost boutique genre press. He’s also ed-in-chief of near-future sf webzine Futurismic, a learning fictioneer and poet, a reviewer of books, music and concerts, a cack-handed third guitarist for a fuzz-rock band, and in need of a proper haircut.

Topics that may be discussed on this week’s show include:

1.) JG Ballard, novelist and short-story writer, has died after a long battle will illness, his agent has said.

2.) Save the Semiprozine Hugo Award

3.) Nebulas April 24th – 25th

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