The Sofanauts No 4

Guests this week on the Sofanauts are:

SF writer, photographer, and web design, managing Editor for Escape Pod, creator of twitter @Future! Jeremy Tolbert

A writer of weird and speculative fiction who hails from the UK, published in  Electric Velocipede, Serendipity. Has Been broadcast on BBC Radio  Blogs for Guardian  Damien G Walter.

Lawerence Santoro started writing when he was 5. Won a playground storytelling contest when he was 8. In his 50s he got 2 nominations for the Bram Stoker Award by the Horror Writers Association. In 2001, his novella “God Screamed and Screamed, Then I Ate Him.”  In 2002, he adapted and directed an audio play based on Gene Wolfe’s “The Tree Is My Hat.” The show had Neil Gaiman in the cast and the script became his second Stoker nod.  This past year, his “Little Girl Down the Way,” was the hardest most gut wrenching pure evil short story ever on StarShipSofa – and everyone loved it.

Topics discussed on this week’s show include:

Amy H Sturgis: Past SF writers still have something very important to say to us.

Ian R. MacLeod Wins Clarke Award

Asimovs and Analog readers-awards (Asimovs didn’t win Nebulas)

JeremiahTolbert: Getting Started Writing Science Fiction

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  2. Great podcast. A technological achievement apart from being damned interesting. Appropriate sci-fi sound effect on Damien’s voice. Love it. I produced a weekly podcast Friction Fiction for a couple of years and stopped in 07 due to lack of broadband.

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