The Sofanauts want you!

With the Sofanauts, you’re not part of an audience, not one of the crowd. You don’t have merely a front-row seat. Instead, there’s a special space reserved for you on the sofa! You’re among like-minded friends who value science fiction and the conversations it fosters. You have the opportunity to share your questions and insights with fellow club members and special guests. We’re bringing the most influential and creative minds in the genre directly to you for a dialogue and a great time. Just because we’re spread across the globe doesn’t mean we can’t have a tight-knit, thoughtful, and active community. Join the Sofanauts today and start the next step of your journey into the heart and mind of SF!

Do you travel extensively to meet and hear the great creators of science fiction or wish that you could? Now you don’t have to do so! The Sofanauts will bring highly respected and sought-after guests directly to you for video talks and chats. Hear and interact with SF legends and rising stars from the comfort of your own home!

From month to month, membership in the Sofanauts will be the gift that keeps on giving. Special freebies, giveaways, and extras — audiostories, eStories, and more — will be available regularly for all who join. What’s not to love?

The greatest benefit of joining the Sofanauts isn’t the free access to webinars and giveaways and other genre-related swag; it’s the chance to build friendships with fellow fans from near and far. Consider this a doorway to your virtual clubhouse, your online pub, and make the most of the opportunity to connect with other science fiction readers/listeners across our ever-shrinking planet. SF is who we are, and this is the time to celebrate it.

And ALL this for £6 a month!

As soon as you sign up… you will get over £200 worth of StarShipSofa goodies:

eBooks & Podcasts

  • StarShipSofa Stories Vol 1
  • StarShipSofa Stories Vol 2
  • StarShipSofa Stories Vol 3
  • Tales To Terrify Vol 1
  • StarShipSofa Originals – first 101 StarShipSofa shows.

Workshop Videos

  • Hunger Games Lecture with Dr Amy H. Sturgis
  • Sherlock Holmes Lecture with Dr Amy H. Sturgis
  • How To Writer Science Fiction with Joe Haldeman
  • How To Writer Science Fiction with Spider Robinson
  • Time Travel Lecture
  • Writers Workshop No1
  • More videos to be added

More To Come!

  • Private audio & ebooks
  • Exclusive interviews with sci fi authors and others
  • Live panel discussions
  • Discovery Night admission, when authors talk about their works
  • Lots of freebies!

Enlist In the Sofanauts!